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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

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  • candidates
    Article: Oct 1, 2014

    The Local Party Executive of Broxtowe Liberal Democrats invites applications for selection as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Broxtowe

    Download infomation here

  • Article: Sep 29, 2014

    Kelham House Country Manor Hotel Main Street, Kelham, Newark, NG23 5QP

    Sunday 19th October 2014, 12.00 for 12.30

    Download Menu and Ticket Reservation form here

    Please reserve your tickets by Friday 3 October

    The venue this year is at ground level and fully accessible to anyone with mobility problems.

  • Article: Sep 26, 2014
    By Daniel Henry - Leicester City

    At Lib Dem Conference in Glasgow, a motion on Welfare Reform will be debated.

    This is an amendment being proposed to add a section on the motion to address concerns around Workfare.

    As it is a broad motion, I have chosen to avoid getting bogged down in too much detail and to instead focus on two proposals:

    1. The DWP currently arranges work placements with companies and then tries to get claimants to participate in these placements, but these placements aren't necessarily suited to the claimants needs or career aspirations.

      Switching the focus so claimants were instead given help, support and encouragement to find their own placements would allow them to explore what they want to do, find what their talents are suited do, and would have a better chance of finding a placement that would actually further their employment prospects.

    2. Many of the DWP schemes are mandatory - the claimant has to participate or they lose their benefits and have nothing to live on. Being made to work in full time placements for the benefits effectively means being made to work for below minimum wage. Many feel that this is unfair and that it undermines the minimum wage.

      Establishing a fairness principle, so that participants on mandatory placements were given the equivalent of minimum wage, would ensure that these participants are getting the same fair treatment as regular workers. This can be done by either limiting their hours or by topping up their benefits so their final payment is equal to the minimum wage for the hours they have worked.

    If you are a conference voting rep and would like to support this amendment, please send an email to drh4321@gmail.com with your:

    • Name

    • Local Party

    • Membership Number

    The wording of the amendment:

    Conference notes;


    F. Complaints against Welfare to Work schemes involving unpaid work, such as unsuitable placements, the undermining of the minimum wage and how these controversies are discouraging third party organisations from participating and providing placements.

    Conference therefore Calls for:


    6. A reformed approach to Welfare to Work schemes whereby:

    i) Benefit claimants to be given encouragement and support to arrange their own work experience placements, to help them find the right placement in their area of interest to further their dreams and aspirations.

    ii) A Fairness Principle is implemented for mandatory schemes, so claimants made to work for their benefits receive the equivalent of minimum wage for their work.

  • John Leech MP
    Article: Sep 26, 2014
    By John Leech MP

    I am half Scottish (my mum is from Glasgow) and I am really happy that Scotland voted to stay as part of the UK last week. However, their debate has raised important issues for places like Manchester.

    No-one can argue that this Government has not given extra powers to the Manchester City Region. The City Deal, led on by Deputy PM Nick Clegg, was described as a "Game Changer" by Manchester's Chief Executive, Sir Howard Bernstein. The deal gives Manchester more power over Housing, Jobs, Infrastructure, Training and Transport

  • Article: Sep 22, 2014
    By Transcript of Interview with Dermot Murnaghan in Sky News

    Paddy tells it how it is to Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News

    DERMOT MURNAGHAN: Now here's a quote, "We haven't fought to save our union north of the border to see it Balkanised in Westminster', those are the words of the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, today and it gets to the heart perhaps of the row that is emerging from the fallout from the Scottish independence referendum. There are growing calls to match the promises given to Scotland for greater devolution with more control for English politicians and voters so are we about to see political power in the United Kingdom completely reformed? Joining me now is the former Lib Dem leader, Paddy Ashdown. Paddy, first of all I just wanted to ask you, how does this debate about increased powers make you feel?

  • Article: Sep 20, 2014
    By Richard Church in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Ed Miliband has to concede that home rule for Scotland must mean that Scottish MP's should no longer vote on English only matters. Not to do so would be unreasonable, unfair, and also deeply unpopular in England. It would give the Tories the biggest stick they could wish for to beat Labour with up and down England in May next year.

  • John Marriott
    Article: Sep 20, 2014
    By Cllr John Marriott - Lincoln, Sleaford and North Hykeham

    Whatever your views may have been about the Scottish Referendum, if you are a real supporter of democracy you cannot fail to have been impressed by the passions it generated on both sides, producing, as it did, average voter turnouts in the high eighties, the highest in these islands since the 1951 General Election. If we could only achieve half these figures in our local elections. Indeed, we are lucky if turnouts in recent General Elections come anywhere near to the figures on 18 September north of the border.

  • George Smid 1
    Article: Sep 20, 2014
    By George Smid - Chair Corby

    So the Scottish referendum was a victory for democracy. And on Friday the police had to keep Yes and No supporters apart in Glasgow. Of course Glasgow voted Yes and its antipode Edinburgh voted No. Emotions run high.

    The Scottish referendum was a victory for further devolution as well - not only for Scotland but for all of the UK. But the question of devolution has to parts - what to devolve, and how far to devolve. Already there is an open feeling that Scotland has preferential treatment in what devolved powers were promised to her. And the Glasgow clash shows that the devolution itself should have limits - nobody is arguing that 'the majority' of Glasgow wanted independence and therefore Glasgow should go it alone. Fortunately. History is full of examples of splinter groups, too small on their own, declaring 'independence'.

  • Article: Sep 19, 2014
    In Liberal Democrats

    The Liberal Democrats are seeking a highly motivated candidate with proven campaign and fund-raising skills to push forward the Party's election agenda in the East Midlands.

    Working with the Regional Campaign Chair and with the Federal Election and Skills Team, the successful candidate will provide expert guidance to local Parties, support regional media and press, co-ordinate key volunteers, deliver training and lead regional fundraising initiatives.

    This highly rewarding job is seen as crucial to retaining and gaining strategic and key seats.

    You are advised to read the full Job and Person Specification before applying for this post.

    Salary: £23,000-26,000 pa (+ 8% Pension Contribution)

    Fixed-term to end June 2015

    Closing date: Monday 29 September 2014

    Please direct queries & applications to Rehan Shafiq (HR) on rehan.shafiq@libdems.org.uk.

  • kennedy c
    Article: Sep 17, 2014

    The Scottish independence referendum is tomorrow Thursday 18 September If we lose the vote there are no second chances.

    Together, our family of nations has achieved great things. I don't want Scotland to walk away from all we have achieved together. From everything that we have built without borders.