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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

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  • Secretary of State Ed Davey
    Article: Mar 2, 2015
    In Liberal Democrat Voice

    An Independent on Sunday editorial yesterday acknowledged the contribution made by the Liberal Democrats to furthering the green agenda while in government. They give Nick Clegg and Ed Davey the credit for driving it forward in the face of opposition from our coalition partners, who come in for some criticism:

  • Steve Webb
    Article: Mar 2, 2015
    In Liberal Democrat Voice

    Steve Webb, pensions minister, is interviewed in the Observer in the run-up to the big pensions change:

    Plans to give millions of people powers to get access to their pensions savings from 6 April are a calculated risk, the minister in charge of the biggest pensions shakeup in decades has admitted.

    On what is being called "pension freedom day", millions of people will be able to do whatever they want with their pension pot, instead of having to buy an annuity. This liberalisation is being widely hailed as the biggest shakeup of the UK pensions system since the old-age pension was introduced in 1908.

    However, amid warnings that people may leave themselves short of money in their old age, the pensions minister, Steve Webb, concedes in an interview with the Observer on Sunday that the plans come with some risk. "We wouldn't be doing it if we thought it was a disaster, but you do take a risk when you trust people with their own money," he says. "Paternalism feels safer, but look where paternalism got us. It got us mandatory annuities and a lot of dissatisfied people. Of course you take a chance when you set people free but, as a liberal, that's why I'm in politics."

  • Article: Mar 1, 2015
    By Paul Walter in Liberal Democrat Voice

    On the BBC's World at One on Friday, Vince Cable was interviewed by Mark Mardell. You can hear the interview by clicking on the box below, and the full transcript follows:

    Mardell: Well, Vince Cable is the Business Secretary and the MP for Twickenham from where he joins us now. The current system isn't working is it, so it does need to be changed?

    Cable: (The current system) is working very well and it doesn't need to be changed. It's working well on all different levels. We've got growing numbers of people want to go to university. We've got exceptionally large numbers of people from disadvantaged backgrounds going to university and applying to go to university. Universities are very well funded relative to other organisations that depend on the public sector, which means they can provide quality education. And we've got a repayment system, which Martin Lewis very eloquently described a few minutes ago, is effectively operating like a fair form of graduate tax where higher earning graduates are paying more and those that earn under £21,000 don't pay anything.

    Mardell: And the Higher Education Commission said it was the worst of both worlds - everybody thinks they are getting a bad deal.

    Cable: Well the Higher Education thing is one think tank with its own political agenda. If you get away from the politicians, and obviously we are going to criticise each other, and you look at a respected international body like the OECD who have done a comparative study of higher education across the developed world: Their conclusion was that Britain has the best in Europe - it is the only one that is financially sustainable, and it's achieving all our objectives of getting more people who want to into higher education, and particularly people who haven't historically been able to, and is generating good quality graduates and getting them to pay on a progressive basis.

    Mardell: But we've heard that Labour's figures add up as an alternative to what you've got, there's nothing wrong with it, is there?

    Cable: There is a lot wrong with it, and what is particularly - and I use the word carefully - but it is fraudulent about it….

    Mardell: That's a very serious charge…

    Cable: It is. Because this tax on pensioners will not go to universities, it will go into the treasury and we know from all past experience the treasury will pocket the money, it will be used to reduce the deficit. There is no guarantee that that money goes to universities. Under our current system the money automatically goes to universities. So that, under the student tuition system and the graduate contribution, universities benefit directly. They would not under Labour's system. It depends entirely on the discretion of future chancellors.

    Mardell: Of course, your party has a tortured history in this business…

    Cable: It has, yes.

    Mardell: …and Ed Miliband said directly that tuition fees - the history of that - was one of the reasons that young people have such little faith in politics.

    Cable: I think he is right on that particular point. And my party has a very tortuous history on it, and we've suffered badly - politically - as a result of making a pledge that we weren't able to keep. But we're not the only party that's been in this position…

    Mardell: But I mean Nick Clegg said that he was sorry…

    Cable: Let me just finish the point - the Labour party has twice made pledges on tuition fees they've had to abandon. The Tories also had a free tuition policy that they quietly dropped. So we've all been in this space. And the thing is, as Martin Lewis very eloquently said in his contribution, we should all grow up and all learn from experience. And Ed Miliband's just taking us and his party backwards.

    Mardell: Nick Clegg said that he was sorry. You don't sound very sorry. You seem to be saying that the saying that the system is working and you're glad you changed.

    Cable: Nick Clegg, rightly, and we all, apologised for the pledge. I certainly don't apologise for the policy we've now got, because it is a good one, and it is sustainable and it achieves our objectives.

    Mardell: Vince Cable, thanks very much.

  • Labour and Tuition Fees reduction
    Article: Mar 1, 2015
    By Cllr John Marriott - Lincoln, Sleaford and North Hykeham

    David Walker's comments on Labour's Chris Leslie's defence of his party's new policy on tuition fees are spot on.

    Isn't it ironic that, when David 'no ifs, no buts' Cameron pledges in 2010 to cut immigration by significant amounts and fails, nobody seems to want to put the boot in and yet, when the Lib Dems pledge to scrap tuition fees and fail, the voters throw the book at us! 'C'est la vie', as they say.

  • Zuffah 3
    Article: Feb 28, 2015

    Regional Chair Cllr Phil Knowles was in Harborough today for the launch of Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidates Zuffar Haq's Westminster Campaign

    Pictured with Zuffar Haq along side Council Candidates Peter Rowbotham and Annette Deacon ‎, Cllr Knowles told the gathering '' We have a first class candidate in Zuffar with a well structured campaign plan and a history of hard work for the community over a lengthy period.

  • John Marriott
    Article: Feb 28, 2015
    By Cllr John Marriott - Lincoln, Sleaford and North Hykeham

    If Liberal Democrats are going to show that they really are radicals, our Manifesto should not just appear as Tory lite.

    It needs to show what has always made us different. Liberals do not accept things as they, like the Conservative Party or claim to be something we are not, like Labour. Here are a few ideas that might show that we can still be different, even though we have had to swallow hard as a partner in government over the past few years. Most of them are not new; but many reflect what we appear to have lost over the past five years. They may be a bit rough around the edges and are in no particular order of priority. I wonder whether colleagues can come up with a few more 'radical' ideas. To be honest, we aren't going to get far on what we appear to be offering the electorate at the moment.

  • Tuition Fees
    Article: Feb 28, 2015
    By David Walker - Loughborough

    On the Today Programme on Friday, Chris Leslie, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said "A typical teacher will still have £25,000 to pay off at the the age of 50 and will really struggle to be able to do that". It is really horrifying that either he does not understand the system, or that he is deliberately misleading the millions who listen to the Today programme.

  • Ashfield Weekender
    Article: Feb 27, 2015

    Don't forget that tomorrow is the start of the Ashfield Action Weekend. The team are tackling their most ambitious target yet - to deliver the whole constituency in one weekend. Lib Dem Party Chief Executive - Tim Gordon will be attending, rolling up his shirtsleeves and joining the team.

    It'll be a busy weekend - as the team try and deliver nearly 50,000 leaflets in what is the most marginal Lib Dem/Labour battle in the East Midlands.

    Lib Dem Chief Executive Tim Gordon will also be hosting a rally from 11.30am at the HQ on Outram Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

    As well as this, there will be plenty of admin and phone calls to be made from their Sutton-in-Ashfield HQ. Ashfield's Jason Zadrozny, the PPC said, "This will be our biggest Action Weekend ever. It will be just 6 weeks before postal votes land and we will be joined by Lib Dem Head Honcho CEO Tim Gordon who will be rallying the troops on the Saturday Morning. There will be lots to do from the office on both days from 9am til 7:30pm. We need to show once and for all what Team Ashfield is made of!."

    WHAT: - Ashfield Weekender with Tim Gordon - Saturday, February, 28th and Sunday, March 1st - 9.30am - 7pm. Luxury hot buffet will be provided.

    WHERE - Ashfield Liberal Democrats HQ 84-86 Outram Street Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 4FS

    Contact Sara in the Ashfield Office on 01623 613 495 or email sara@aldmail.co.uk


    Nearest train station: Sutton Parkway (regular services from Alfreton and Nottingham Train Stations). There are also buses from Derby, Nottingham & Sutton Parkway station that go right past the office door. You can't miss their office - it's painted Lib Dem yellow.

  • Article: Feb 27, 2015
  • Steve Webb
    Article: Feb 25, 2015
    In Bristol Post

    HE was once dismissed in unguarded remarks by his party leader as "lacking ideas", but Pensions Minister Steve Webb has come a long way since Nick Clegg was overheard discussing his then front bench team a little too candidly on a plane to Scotland.

    Steve is one of few ministers to stay in post for the full five years of the Coalition, something which has allowed him to push through a radical reform agenda.