Single use plastic, Chinese lanterns and helium balloons

December 8, 2017 4:49 PM

Liberal Democrat Councillors support enviromental protection measures

Plastic waste

We all need to make a conscious effort to change to stop the damage to the environment and all life on earth.

  • Single use plastic has crept into our lives.
  • Helium is a rare gas and needed for MRI scanners.
  • Chinese lanterns harm wildlife and farmer's livestock.

So, at the meeting of on 7 December, Rushcliffe Borough Council, following an extension of a proposal by our Green Colleagues, unanimously resolved that a Community Development Group will:

  • Assess the current use and feasibility of reducing single use plastic in relation to Council activities
  • Consider the mechanism to ban the use of Chinese lanterns and helium balloons on Rushcliffe Borough Council land and open spaces
  • Consider the provision of Council advice and information on single use plastic, Chinese lanterns and helium balloons for local residents, Parish / Town Councils and businesses

And recommend actions to Cabinet.

Liberal Democrat Councillor, Rod Jones, spoke passionately in favour of this motion, proposed by Green party colleagues. As we all know, our Oceans, wildlife and ultimately humans, suffer from pollution. Our roadsides have become viewed, by some, as dumping grounds, mainly for plastics. It would be good to have a national comprehensive effort to reduce our avoidable use especially of single use plastics; a national approach to publicity which attaches shame to throwing away stuff on our roads and which leads organisations and businesses to think and change. Ideally we should have a national system of rewards for returns and for recycling.

We look forward to seeing action on this in Rushcliffe.